Finally, after how long- years! Yanks stand atop the Eastern Division of the American League.

Thought I better get this in since it may not last and may be awhile before it happens again.

Just 2 weeks ago many Yankee diehards, myself including thought perhaps Joe Girardi didn’t have what it takes to manage our precious team. What a difference getting A Rod back is making. Who would have thought.

I can see a principle at work here.

Plan, Prepare, Practice, Perform. Then measure and do it again, and again until perfect.The strategy I used to drill into Josh and Mat in sports. Looks Like the Yanks had a Plan with their acquisition of players, Prepare by moving players in and out of starting and relief roles and through rehab and minor league games, Practice and then Performing. Of course having the best player in baseball back in the lineup helps everyone else perform at a higher level.

Like the A Team used to say, “I love it when a plan comes together!