A friend of mine, Bruce Woodard, has developed a great service for small businesses and churches. Geared for those business owners and pastors who don’t want to become accounting or tax experts but realize they need help to do these things right. So who can you trust? You can trust ACTS.

ACTS is a better, faster, and cheaper financial management tool, that helps you put more cash on your bottom line!

ACTS is your Business’ GPS, finally putting you in the drivers seat of your business; PLUS its pennies on the dollar vs your other options.

Like your GPS for driving, you can easily see where you have been and better yet where you are heading so you can plan your most effective route for your business; plus it’s available anywhere you have an Internet connection for you and your business advisers.

ACTS online financial management system manages your accounting process, gives you valuable tax and cash flow information, helps you control your banking and credit card functions, and provides you a MENTOR to help you walk through financial mine fields. You’re never alone!

(Clients tell Bruce that ACTS helps them sleep better at night!)

Acts also provides other services like incorporating your business, handling your payroll and payroll tax reporting, tax planning, and doing your personal and company tax returns. All of this can be built into one monthly fee, no more big tax preparation bills all at once.

As a FREE add on benefit, ACTS has a large library of training videos and provides regular updates on current events that can affect your business finances and taxes.

Interested? Call Bruce and tell him you are interested in taking over the Drivers Seat of your business that you heard about in Tom’s Blog.

He’ll give you a special 20% discount.

Call Bruce at 407-834-0337