Are you looking for a worthy Cause to support with your finances and or time?

I have found one for you!

 My friend Howard Unger is president of Operation Smile and just invited me to have a tour of its headquarters in Norfolk, VA.

I told Howard he must be a good fisherman, because he set the hook then reeled me in.

Operation Smile is a cause based organization and what a cause- changing the lives of little children. OS operates worldwide from modest facilities in Norfolk to provide facial plastic surgery on children scarred from birth. The before and after pictures and videos are compelling.

You can see others on their web site, http://http://www.operationsmile.org/about-us/videos/. WARNING, don’t look at these unless you are willing to have your heart stirred!

As a Christian, I feel this is the kind of mission where the rubber meets the road and men and women and children of many faiths can work together in unity.