So what made me think I would be any different?

I spent 10 years as CFO and COO of a publishing company in the Futures Industry. I can remember vividly sitting across from our founder owner in important meetings only to have his eyes dart over to his trading screen to monitor his positions. Of course I heard around the office whenever any of the editors had a good trade, but never seemed to hear about the “Other trades that were losses.”

But based on the recommendation of a good friend, I started looking at a trading system and liked a lot the emphasis on managing money and time. Money management, I knew to be the downfall of a large portion of the traders losing money. So after months of research, training, and more research, I took the plunge and was able to make pretty consistent daily wins on the trading simulator on my Tradestation trading platform.

Then came real money. Again, starting with one contract. Pretty good results. BUT…. The market began to change and become more volatile with bigger short market swings.

Over several months our trading account sprung a slow leak. More on WHY and the LESSONS I LEARNED coming soon….