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My First EHow Article- Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know About Buying That Engagement Ring

I wrote my first EHow article this weekend. EHow is a web site that allows experts at anything to publish what they know about anything.

Read the entire article (and give it a good rating:-) here:

How to Buy An Engagement Ring? Six Secrets You Need to Know When You Buy Your Diamond

How to get the best deal on an engagement ring is something I am an expert at and so here are some questions answered by the article:

What they (the retail and online jewelry stores) DO NOT want you to know.

How You Can Get Bigger, Better for LESS!

How You Can Find Someone You Can Trust.

How Much Are They Really Marking Up Your Ring?

How Do You Know You Are Getting The Quality You Are Paying For.

The article also gives you some questions to ask- here are some of them:

Ask The Right Questions:
1. Do you sell only certified diamonds with a Diamond Grading Report from a reputable source?
These reports are prepared by independent, certified gemologists from laboratories around the world and can help calculate the specific characteristics of your diamonds. A diamond grading report will commonly include a plotted diagram of your diamond and all significant characteristics, including the 4C’s (cut, color, clarity, carat weight).
2. Will a trained and certified gemologist personally inspect each diamond to be sure I am not only getting what is being promoted but that it is a best value for me?
For this size of investment, you deserve personal service.
3. Can I get the Diamond Grading Report number laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond?
This assures you always get back your stone when the ring is cleaned or repaired in the future, and that you actually got the stone you paid for in the first place.
4. Will you give me an independent appraisal?
You can use this for insurance purposes and is a good next step in your building trust.
5. Can I see copies of all the invoices so I know exactly how much you are making on my purchase?
Full Disclosure Pricing has hit the car industry, but this will be a hard yes to get. But WOW what a level of trust if you can!
6. Do you have a money back guarantee if I am not satisfied?
This should be a YES,
7. Can I get a custom stone and ring setting designed to my specifications?
For this size of purchase you deserve to get exactly what you want not just a ring out of someone’s inventory.

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How To Buy a Diamond- The Most Important C

Cookies ring

What is the most important factor when you decide its time to buy an engagement ring?

You might be told one of the “4 C’s” of Color, Clarity, Cut or Carat Weight by the clerk serving you or the web site you found surfing. None are right!

Actually the most important factor is COST.

Your budget is where you should start, especially in today’s economy. But when it comes to a Diamond- as the ads say, “It is Forever.” Therefore, size does matter.

First determine what you can comfortably handle from a cost range. Don’t forget to consider the wedding band and man’s wedding ring also.

(BUYER BEWARE- These settings are where jewelry stores and Internet companies make huge margins!!!! Typically they use up to 3X their cost to set their retail price, that is a 200% mark up!

A typical starting point for your budget is around 2X your monthly income. Please, try to save this before you buy so you are not charging the cost and running up big interest bills which just further detracts from what should be a very joyous time.

Forever Diamond Service has a FREE 4 volume Whitepaper to empower you to be wise in making this important decision.

You can sign up HERE.

These 4 volumes disclose all the secrets only an Insider would know about how you can get the best deal possible, so you get a BIGGER and BETTER diamond for LESSS.

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