This is a must read.

I am convinced the principles disclosed in the book can supercharge ideas and concepts that anyone needs pass on to others.

What makes an idea last and pass from person to person virally. How does, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” last for thousands of years and exist in every major culture around the world? And no one has a big PR or ad budget being spent on it!

Are you a pastor that needs to pass on life changing concepts to a congregation?

Are you an entrepreneur with a new business to sell to investors?

Are you an Internet publisher/ blogger who needs to find an audience for your product or service?

Whatever group or individual you are targeting, these principles can multiply the effectiveness of your communication. How much is that worth? It’s Priceless!

Pastor/ Teacher– What if the way you were taught to prepare your sermons or lessons is not just ineffective in communicating your important message, but actually the reverse of the way people process information and remember key concepts?

Entrepreneur– What if your business plan presentation made it improbable that any investor would take the time to understand your compelling new business concept?

Blogger/ Writer– What if a key reason 97% of Internet publishers make very little was how you are presenting your message to your prospects?

All guilty on all counts!

The good news is that simple concepts can be used in all these cases to guarantee SUCCESS in passing on key ideas and concepts to others.

This book clearly lays out the 2 Steps and 6 Principles necessary to form ideas that will stick with your target audiences.

Read the BOOK! That is an order- It will change your life!